Exhibitions 2000 - 2009

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Yamagiwa Centre


An exhibition of Flos lighting in Tokyo, Japan.


Yamagiwa, the Japanese distributor for Flos proposed an exhibition at their headquarters in Tokyo, to include products from Alessi, Cappellini, FSB, Magis and Rosenthal. We drew up plans and were asked to elaborate on them with a window display. The idea of a forest of Glo-ball lights came from Ruth Donaghey.

While preparing the exhibition, we had the chance to visit Japanese designer Sori Yanagi’s shop, where we met him and visited the studio he’s worked in for the last fifty years. He’s a truly remarkable designer, something like a Japanese Castiglione, able to invent new forms and apply them seamlessly to an incredible range of projects, graphics, textile design, furniture, product design, urban projects, vehicle design and exhibition design.
Extract from Everything but the Walls by Jasper Morrison (Lars Müller Publishers, 2006)