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Jins Glasses


A family of glasses frames produced in a variety of colours and lens type.


“The shapes and forms of spectacles are graphical and are somewhat similar to typeface design. There are thousands of typefaces in the world, but each are only designated by slight differences in detail. The process of seeking something better while finding referential guidelines in what already exists can perhaps be more easily understood through the example of designing cutlery such as spoons and forks. Many types of cutlery already exist within our surroundings. When designing cutlery I make sure that it is almost like a summary of its history. I explore the qualities of spoons and forks while making detailed size improvements by half a millimetre or a quarter of a millimetre, thereby testing and confirming the balance that is most betting for its use. This project had also entailed a continuous repetition of these kinds of detailed considerations.”

Extract from an interview between Jins and Jasper Morrison.

Full interview here