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Scamp Bag


A bag made of waxed cotton canvas, with nylon handles. Produced in various colours.


One of the office’s longer-running projects, but worth the wait. We started in 2008, and five years later we had a bag with handles and some zips, which sounds ridiculous if you don’t know Michael Maharam and the intricacies of detailing a bag, sourcing good fabric, and finding someone to make it how it should be made.

The principle of the bag is that wherever you go it goes too; the pockets are asymmetrically arranged to help you find what you’re looking for, for example the pocket on the outside of one end is matched with one on the inside at the other end. There’s a closing flap which can be left hanging in the bag for everyday use, or be closed for travel or bad weather. When closed it’s positioned below the top edge of the bag to allow you to keep a newspaper or a folded raincoat on top. In short it’s a bag which I’ve been designing since I was old enough to carry one.

Extracted from A Book of Things by Jasper Morrison (Lars Müller Publishers, 2015)