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Reclaimed 1"


A moulded plastic chair.


The Reclaimed 1” chair follows the shape of the aluminium and reclaimed polypropylene 1”, this time offering full recyclability without separation. The material, which Emeco has been using for several years now, makes use of the polypropylene waste at injection moulding plants, mixes it with waste sawdust from the woodworking industry and results in a warmer more natural touch than raw polypropylene. The fact that Emeco care enough about their production processes to go to the trouble of developing this material is one of the reasons I want to design for them.

The square tubular section structure of the Reclaimed 1” chair is emblematic of the signature square aluminium tubing Emeco use to produce their famous Navy Chair, and the design itself is a play on the visual codes and identity which the square tubes have given to Emeco. The chair is purposefully presented in muted and dark colours which combine to provide subtle and evocative atmosphere to its surroundings. Its stackability, comfort and price are further reasons to consider it for a wide range of contract and domestic specifications.