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A family of wooden chairs and stools.


I noticed some old country stools, handmade with curved stick legs and roughly connected to circular solid wood seats. This design is a reminder of this very direct solution to having something to sit on. Their charm and character are irresistible though they couldn’t be more direct and everyday in a practical sense. This new version is light and adaptable for use as a stool or small side table beside the bed, in the bathroom, or wherever they’re needed.

Design is an unpredictable process. While designing the Zampa stools I never imagined we would add a chair to the family. If Mattiazzi had asked me to design a chair first I very much doubt it would be as good as this one. Seen as a family it looks perfectly natural that there’s a chair, and I think the chair brings a lot of extra character to the stools which on their own might have seemed a bit minimal to some.