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Museum Pieces


Fifteen forms cast in resin and displayed in vitrines made of oak and glass.


The Carrara tables had already been designed when I started thinking of adding a project to the exhibition at Galerie Kreo. For some time now I’ve been visiting archaeology museums whenever I find myself in a new town and photographing some of the beautiful examples of everyday life from long ago. Looking through the images I started to form the idea of making a synthetic collection of antiquities. It has become very difficult for people to buy these things recently, with plenty of debate about the illegal trade in them and an abundance of fakes on the market.

The function these pieces serve is purely symbolic, and yet as reminders of the beauty of past cultures and displayed in special cabinets, they are an instant collection of beautiful objects from museums all over the world. Of course you don’t get the patina of the originals, as these ones are cast in resin from 3-d computer data, but once you’ve bought the collection at least you can be sure it’s yours.
Extract from Everything but the Walls by Jasper Morrison (Lars Müller Publishers, 2006)