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Designed with John Tree. A concept product.


The objective of this project, designed with John Tree for Sony Europe, was to develop a top of range family of products, from TV to HiFi. The size and weight of the TV (a 28” flat screen) was a problem which we overcame by floating the screen above a thin aluminium base and reducing the volume of the back where we were able to. The base became the link with the HiFi, and we came up with a system which allowed the HiFi to be mounted vertically on a similar base or simply unhooked and laid flat, in a more traditional arrangement. The sideways slot for Mini discs, inserted in the direction of the CD seemed nicely expressive of the function of recording from CD to MD. We never really discovered why the project was stopped, but to date it remains a ‘concept project’.
Extracted from Everything But the Walls by Jasper Morrison (Lars Müller Publishers, 2006).