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A bottle rack that stacks, made of moulded polypropylene with anodised aluminium tubes. Each rack holds six bottles.


A chance meeting with Eugenio Perrazza at a fair in Udine led to my first project in plastic and one of those rare relationships with a manufacturer where the combination of personalities, timing and facilities add up to make the work a pleasure, and when it’s a pleasure it usually leads to good results. Perrazza has the remarkable quality of being able to think of projects which are immediately inspiring and on this first meeting he offered me four, among which was the idea to design a bottle rack for the kitchen. Within a couple of hours of our meeting I had come up with an idea, which probably owed something to those stacking bottle crates used for transporting beer and mineral water. It turned out to be my most copied design, absorbed by industry to become a new archetype, which kind of thievery can only be taken as a compliment.
Extracted from Everything But the Walls by Jasper Morrison (Lars Müller Publishers, 2006).

Photo: Miro Zagnoli