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Plate Dining


A dining table with an aluminium base and a selection of tops in different finishes.


This project began with the idea of making a universal table that would work with any chair. We had been considering a dining version of the late Low Table family for a while and when this project came up we decided to prototype it and see how it worked with a wide variety of chairs. It seemed to be neutral enough without being boring and I’m particularly happy with the decision which was made (initially for practical reasons of wood shrinkage) to overhang the top slightly. The effect of that change has been to slightly reduce the presence of the base and consequently stop the design being more important than the character of the table. That might sound a bit nonsensical to someone who buys furniture from Vitra for the design, but I believe that how objects work in relation to their surroundings and to everyday life is more important than how much design is visible in them.