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Broken Pot

Part of a series of photos and texts that was published as The Good Life in 2014.

If the pot hadn’t been broken I wonder if I would have taken this photo. If not does it mean the pot looks better broken, or just has a stronger effect on the atmosphere of this courtyard in Portixol, Majorca. Was the pot broken by the roots of the plant or by frost (not very likely) or was it some other, more dramatic accident which divided it in two? Does the owner have plans to fix it, or are they not bothered by the situation? The plants themselves don’t seem to mind the fault line. Close inspection reveals the pot to be a crude concrete construction with poorly applied sea shells, edged with broken terracotta fragments and small stones, altogether surprisingly effective. The surface of the neighbouring pot, the shape of which suits the plant it contains rather well, has a similarly hand-made look, and the floor of the courtyard may well have been laid by the same craftsman, the owner himself?