A World Slide Show, Frankfurt


Exhibition at Leptien 3


In 1989 I adapted my World Slide Show to video for a show at a furniture shop in Frankfurt called Leptien 3. I presented the original slide show on nine TV monitors with a soundtrack of some of the world’s most sentimental songs. The Wolkenkratzer Art Journal published a small book of the images. The 160 images were shown on two screens, each image appearing twice against two different images in a random order, allowing for strange juxtapositions and comparisons. The audience sat on three pews.

Exhibition card.

Jasper explained at the time: I guess the statement I’m making is to explain the kind of things that influence me and have helped me find a way of working and a reason for doing it. Also important is to show people that it’s not only the recognised masterpieces which give pleasure but much that surrounds our everyday life.

Jasper’s plans for the exhibition. Initially he tried to put the slides onto a computer rather than video, but it proved too complicated.