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Bird Table


This bird table consists of a moulded polypropylene tray and roof on a threaded rod. It is an updated production model of the 1991 original.


The bird table was originally made in 1990 for a project conceived by Gregor Eichinger and Andreas Brandolini as architecture for birds, which was exhibited at Anthologie Quartett and later at a gallery in Cologne. There were many nice ideas, maybe the best being a miniature edible house made out of birdseed set in fat. My own consisted of two stainless steel trays from an Indian kitchen equipment shop in London and a length of threaded rod. I curved one end of the rod to make a hook and drilled holes in the trays to bolt them onto the rod. Ten years later when Eugenio Perrazza announced his intention to start making products for animals as well as humans, I showed him a photo of the project and we agreed to do it as a product, with plastic moulded trays and segmented lengths of rod for easy assembly and neater packaging. At some point in the development of the project I bought some cheese at a market in Paris, which came wrapped in printed wood-grain paper, and realising that the product would benefit from a more ‘natural’ treatment, we developed a woodgrain texture to apply to the trays.
Extract from Everything But the Walls by Jasper Morrison (Lars Müller Publishers, 2006)