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Luggage Collection


A series of five bags in leather.


Designed with Ruth Donaghey. The briefing from Bree for this project took some time to digest. I think originally the objective had been to do something cheaper but the design evolved with the intention to do some very practical bags with very obvious bag shapes. The first prototypes were made in Korea but the quality wasn’t great and, combined with the simplicity of the shapes, resulted in some very undesirable bags. We switched to leather and producing them in Andalusia with noticeable improvement of quality and aspect. The family consists of a document portfolio, a shoulder bag, a brief case, an on-board case and a larger travel bag. We designed the fittings including a Bree zipper and found beautiful elastic webbing at a trade fair for luggage in Bologna, which we used to keep things in place in some of the bags.
Extract from Everything But the Walls by Jasper Morrison (Lars Müller Publishers, 2006)