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Slatted Stool


A stool of steel tube and bar. It was produced by SCP having been designed at the Royal College of Art.


I designed the slatted stool in my first year at the Royal College in 1983. The original model had rather narrow seat slats and people mistook it for a towel rack! It was also so far as I remember the first design of mine to be produced in significant numbers. I modified the design for SCP, making the slats wider, but on the current production model they are narrower again. It was a simple structural exercise to bend a single length of tube and to brace it where necessary to provide a seat.

In 1983 Jasper Conran chose the stools for a new showroom. In 1984 the Slatted Stool went on sale at Joseph pour la Maison on Sloane Street. SCP put it into production in 1986.

The Slatted Stool in mid 1985.

A sketch of the stool provided to SCP for production.

Jasper discovered by chance that the Slatted Stool had been used on packaging for tights.