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Vallauris Ceramics


Two families of ceramic containers. First edition of five pieces of each design; second edition of twenty pieces.


Working with Antoine Betta, a ceramicist based in Vallauris, on this project, one of a series organised by Dominique Forest and Cecile Dazord at the Magnelli ceramics museum, I have to confess that I struggled to grasp the craft aspects of the project. As I am very rarely drawn to handmade things, my capacity to invent them is very limited. It turned out that the best way to implement the designs was to mould them. I received some criticism from the Italian Federation of Ceramicists for this approach. Maybe I was wrong to accept the project, but for me the anonymity of a machine finish is more appropriate to objects of daily use than a hand-crafted one.
Extract from Everything but the Walls by Jasper Morrison (Lars Müller Publishers, 2006)